UK for improved trade with Africa

Post was last updated: July 4, 2018


The newly-appointed United Kingdom’s (UK) Trade Commissioner for Africa, Emma Wade-Smith, has reiterated her country’s commitment to boost its trade and investment relationship with African countries.

Wade-Smith, a senior diplomat and trade expert of 20 years, was appointed UK’s Trade Commissioner for the continent last week.

She has served in Brussels, Chile, Mexico, Washington, and more recently in Africa as Regional Trade Director at the Department of International Trade.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Department of International Trade said the appointment would build on the UK’s position as a leading partner for Africa’s peace, security and prosperity – supporting trade, investment and job growth.

Wade-Smith then reaffirmed UK’s commitment to building a mutually-beneficial and resilient trade relation with African economies.

“I will put partnerships at the heart of our business relationships, building on the work we are already doing to transform our shared entrepreneurial spirit into jobs and growth in the UK and across Africa,” Wade-Smith said in the statement.

British High Commissioner to Malawi, Holly Tett, said trade remains at the heart of the UK government’s approach to Africa.

She then committed to play a role in ensuring that Malawi also benefits from the existing trading opportunities.

“With young and growing populations, and the world’s fastest-growing middle class, there is huge potential for British businesses to create modern trading partnerships across Africa.

“Emma will help unlock the continent’s potential, supporting jobs, growth and prosperity in the UK and Africa, including Malawi,” Tett said.

More than £28 billion of goods and services were traded between the UK and African countries in 2016 alone.

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