Women business leaders told to inspire positive change

Women business leaders in Malawi told to inspire positive change says Reserve Bank of Malawi

Post was last updated: March 28, 2023

Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) executive director for corporate services Mercy Kumbatira has advised women business leaders to inspire positive change in their respective workplaces  to enhance the country’s development.

She said this on  Thursday in Blantyre during the third Institute of Bankers Women’s Conference held under the theme ‘Women for transformational leadership’.

Kumbatira observed that business and workplace setups have changed, with women representation now visible in leadership positions.

She said there is  need for women to prove themselves worthy of the positions they hold.

Said Kumbatira: “We are now living in a society where the expectations of women are now on the higher side because various programmes and initiatives aiming at empowering women have been taken.

“Women are now contributing a lot to the labour force. What is remaining now is for us to demonstrate that as women leaders, we can have an impact in the society. When given the opportunity as a leader we, therefore, have to ensure we give it all to ensure that those following you should also benefit.”

She implored women leaders to support each other while building an environment where they stay focus on the organisational goals and helping others succeed.

Bankers Association of Malawi chief executive officer Lyness Nkungula underscored the need for women leaders to demonstrate that they can positively impact society.

“As women, we need to be in the forefront and ensure that we are responding positively to changes and various things that happen in the society,” she said.

Nkungula described the conference as an ideal platform for women to encourage each other, network and share ideas.

“Traditionally, careers such as banking were considered to be for men but things have changed now where women are now seen taking up leadership roles in such sectors. By coming together and sharing knowledge, we continue to encourage each other that we can ably deliver as women,” she said.

The two-day conference, which attracted women from diverse backgrounds, provided a platform for women to interact and share experiences.

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