Chewa baby names

Malawian Baby Names

Find out the most popular names in 2022 among the Malawi population including Chichewa names, unique and trending names with their meanings.

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TNM Yanga Bundles Guide

Read the complete guide for TNM Yanga Bundles including how to buy the dynamic bundles and how to check remaining Mbs.

Brace for impact: Malawi to hike fuel prices - Malawi 24

MERA warns filling stations over fuel hoarding –

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has warned that it will revoke licences of fuel service stations found hoarding fuel. MERA released a statement yesterday saying it had noted an increase […]

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Download TNM Smart App

Get the TNM Smart App for android and iphone and manage your internet data, Mpamba, Yanga bundles, voice bundles, airtime and many other services.

Tnm Home Wifi Bundles

TNM Home WiFi Guide

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