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Malawi Internet Service Providers

An official list of the active internet service providers in Malawi with their background information & services provided to their consumers.

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Malawi Penal Code

Get Malawi Penal Code and find out what type of laws, regulations and policies are included in this document. We have the file in PDF.

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2022-2023 Malawi Budget Statement

Download 2022-2023 Malawi budget statement by the Minister of Finance and find out what the government is planning to do with your tax money.

Malawi Anthem photo

Malawi National Anthem

Listen to the Malawi National Anthem with lyrics in Chichewa and English. We have also included an instrumental and official mp3 audio.


Malawi Highway Code

Get the Malawi highway code and find out how to correctly drive in Malawi, the road signs and rules. We have the file in PDF.


Malawi Road Traffic Act

Get the Malawi Road Traffic Act and find out what type of driving laws, regulations and policies are legal in Malawi. We have the file in PDF.

Chewa baby names

Malawian Baby Names

Find out the most popular names in 2023 among the Malawi population including Chichewa names, unique and trending names with their meanings.

Mw Important Numbers

Malawi Emergency Numbers

Important emergency numbers in Malawi that you might need. Please keep a copy of these numbers in your phone or print it out.