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Starlink Malawi Guide

Post was last updated: March 2, 2024

Starlink LogoHello everyone, on this page we have gathered all the information you will need to understand just exactly what is this the hype around Starlink and how you can get it up and running in Malawi by yourself in just a matter of minutes. As we strive to get cheaper internet in Malawi, the fight continues and we have to thank the billionaire Elon Musk for introducing Starlink satellite internet to Malawi and we have to thank Macra as well for approving the use of Starlink in Malawi and awarding them all the necessary licenses to offer their services in Malawi.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a high-speed(broadband) satellite internet project by the space exploration company SpaceX. The project aims to provide high-speed, low-latency internet access to even the most remote corners of the globe including Malawi. Instead of relying on traditional infrastructure like cables and towers, Starlink utilizes a network of thousands of small satellites orbiting Earth at a low altitude of 550 kilometers.

Starlink has several advantages & benefits including:

  • Unlimited data: You can use as much data as you want 24/7.
  • No hidden fees: You choose when to pay, no extra or hidden fees.
  • No contracts: You can cancel anytime.
  • Global Coverage: Unlike traditional internet services limited by geographic boundaries, Starlink can reach even the most isolated areas, providing internet access to underserved communities like Likoma island for example and enabling new possibilities for education, healthcare, and economic development.
  • High Speed and Low Latency: Starlink boasts impressive internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps(actually much higher, some users in Malawi have reported well over 500 Mbps), significantly faster than what companies like Airtel or TNM currently offer, especially in rural areas. Additionally, its low latency enables seamless streaming, online gaming, and video calls, making it great for multiple uses.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The modular design of Starlink allows for easy expansion as the network grows. Meaning, as the Starlink network improves, you will also get better speeds, low latency and better connection, yes, right here in Malawi.

How does the Starlink satellite dish look like?

Standard Dish

How to order Starlink in Malawi

To order your Starlink in Malawi, you MUST have a credit card, once you have your credit card proceed to follow these steps:

1. Check Availability:

  • Visit Starlink’s official website:
  • Enter your service address, for example, if you are in Lilongwe, just start typing Lilongwe in the search box and it will automatically appear.
  • If your area is covered, you’ll see a message confirming availability.
  • If your area is not yet covered, you can sign up for the waitlist to be notified when service becomes available, but you don’t have to worry, most of Malawi is covered including Likoma Island.

NOTE: As far as where they should send your package, you can enter an address to your nearest DHL office address, ex; type ‘DHL lilongwe’ or ‘DHL city centre’ and you can pick it up from DHL(they call/email you).

2. Choose Your Plan:

  • Starlink currently offers the Residential Plan, Roaming Plans
  • The monthly subscription fee for Residential is: MK 52,000 per month – This is the plan most of you will sign up for.
  • The monthly subscription fee for Roaming is: MK 65,000 per month.

3. Order Equipment:

  • The Starlink Kit costs MWK 655,000 and includes the following:
    • Starlink dish
    • WiFi router
    • Power cables
    • Mounting hardware
  • You can purchase the kit directly from Starlink on their website.
  • In Malawi we don’t have a proper addressing system yet so on the address you can put a popular landmark or just put the DHL office in Gateway Mall, Lilongwe for example and you can pick it up there once it arrives.

NOTE: It takes on average about 8 days for the Starlink kit to arrive in Malawi but some users have had to wait up to 2 weeks.

How to install Starlink

  • Starlink kits are designed for self-installation.
  • You will receive a user manual and online resources to guide you through the process.
  • You will need the Starlink Android app or iOS app to finish the installation.
  • Installation typically takes 10-20 minutes.

Starlink Unplugged

How fast is Starlink in Malawi?

The average speeds for Starlink in Malawi range between 48 Mbps to 200 Mbps with some users getting over 500 Mbps. Elon Musk’s SpaceX intends to increase the maximum speed to 10 Gbps in the future.

Important Resources

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