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How to watch FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Malawi

Post was last updated: November 21, 2022

2022 Fifa World Cup Official LogoHello everyone, if any of you wanted to watch the World Cup 2022 matches in Malawi for free, your prayers have been answered, it is now possible to do that after the MBC(Malawi Broadcasting Channel) signed a deal with FIFA to air all the matches on MBC’s official TV channel.

You will now be able to watch some of the best players from across the planet for free as long as you have access to a TV or if you would prefer, you can do what I do and just watch it online. The 2022 World Cup will run from November 20th until December 18th 2022.

Watch World Cup Qatar 2022 Games Live in Malawi

  • You can watch World Cup 2022 matches on GoTV: Channel 90 and SuperSport channels.
  • You can watch World Cup 2022 matches on DStv: Channel 295 and SuperSport channels.
  • You can watch World Cup 2022 matches on Zuku: Channel 32.
  • You can watch World Cup 2022 matches on AzamTV: Channel 380.
  • You can watch World Cup 2022 matches on Kiliye Kiliye: Channel 0101.
  • You can watch World Cup 2022 matches on StarSat: Channel 448.

Watch World Cup Qatar 2022 Online in Malawi

Teams involved in World Cup Qatar 2022 Tournament

  • CAF (5) – Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia.
  • CONEMBOL (4) – Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay.
  • AFC (6) – Australia, Iran, Japan, Qatar (hosts), Saudi Arabia, South Korea.
  • UEFA (13) – Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Wales.
  • CONCAF (4) – Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States.

2022 World Cup TV Schedule

All times below are Central African Time(CAT) which is the time zone that Malawi uses.

Sunday, Nov. 20

  1. Ecuador vs Qatar at 6pm

Monday, Nov. 21

  1. England vs. Iran at 3pm
  2. Senegal vs. Netherlands at 6pm
  3. United States vs. Wales at 9pm

Tuesday, Nov. 22

  1. Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia at 12pm
  2. Denmark vs. Tunisia at 3pm
  3. Mexico vs. Poland at 6pm
  4. France vs. Australia at 9pm

Wednesday, Nov. 23

  1. Morocco vs. Croatia at 12pm
  2. Germany vs. Japan at 3pm
  3. Spain vs. Costa Rica at 6pm
  4. Belgium vs. Canada at 9pm

Thursday, Nov. 24

  1. Switzerland vs. Cameroon at 12pm
  2. Uruguay vs. South Korea at 3pm
  3. Portugal vs. Ghana at 6pm
  4. Brazil vs. Serbia at 9pm

Friday, Nov. 25

  1. Wales vs. Iran at 12pm
  2. Qatar vs. Senegal at 3pm
  3. Netherlands vs. Ecuador at 6pm
  4. England vs. United States at 9pm

Saturday, Nov. 26

  1. Tunisia vs. Australia at 12pm
  2. Poland vs. Saudi Arabia at 3pm
  3. France vs. Denmark at 6pm
  4. Argentina vs. Mexico at 9pm

Sunday, Nov. 27

  1. Japan vs. Costa Rica at 12pm
  2. Belgium vs. Morocco at 3pm
  3. Croatia vs. Canada at 6pm
  4. Spain vs. Germany at 9pm

Monday, Nov. 28

  1. Cameroon vs. Serbia at 12pm
  2. South Korea vs. Ghana at 3pm
  3. Brazil vs. Switzerland at 6pm
  4. Portugal vs. Uruguay at 9pm

Tuesday, Nov. 29

  1. Netherlands vs. Qatar at 12pm
  2. Ecuador vs. Senegal at 3pm
  3. Wales vs. England at 6pm
  4. Iran vs. United States at 9pm

Wednesday, Nov. 30

  1. Tunisia vs. France at 12pm
  2. Australia vs. Denmark at 3pm
  3. Poland vs. Argentina at 6pm
  4. Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico at 9pm

Thursday, Dec. 1

  1. Croatia vs. Belgium at 12pm
  2. Canada vs. Morocco at 3pm
  3. Japan vs. Spain at 6pm
  4. Costa Rica vs. Germany at 9pm

Friday, Dec. 2

  • South Korea vs. Portugal at 12pm
  • Ghana vs. Uruguay at 3pm
  • Cameroon vs. Brazil at 6m
  • Serbia vs. Switzerland at 9pm

Enjoy the World Cup matches, I am personally hoping an African team can win it all, I know the chances our slim but it’s still possible, I believe that in my heart but if I was being realistic, I would say I am hoping France or Brazil win it all this year, of course it would be nice to see the great Lionel Messi win it all for Argentina but that wouldn’t bring me enough satisfaction to actually hope for it lol, again, this is just my personal opinion. =)

Wisdom Mayuni