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How to apply for a new water connection with Northern Region Water Board

Post was last updated: October 14, 2023
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Apply for NRWB water connection

Hello everyone, on this page we will tell you how to apply for a new water connection with Northern Region Water Board. Don’t worry, this is not as hard or as complicated as you might think. Luckily, NRWB has upgraded their system and their customer service so applying for water is not that difficult.

So let’s say you have moved to your dream home, office or factory but you have no water running, well I have some bad news, unfortunately, NRWB still does not you to apply for a new water online, matter of fact, out of all the water board companies in Malawi, it seems only Blantyre Water Board lets you apply online, that’s pretty sad and annoying to say the least right? Anyway, with that said, this means you have to visit one of the physical addresses we have listed below to apply.

You can also subscribe with us right below with your email for instant notification of new posts and updates. You can easily apply for a new connection by visiting the following NRWB offices we have listed below depending on where your current house that needs water is.

Visit NRWB offices to apply for new water connection in person

Unfortunately like I said earlier, you cannot at this point in time, apply for a new water connection in Mzuzu, Mzimba(northern region) online, you have to physically go to the nearest Northern Water Board offices and get the forms and return them. I can’t stress enough how annoying this must be for those of you in the Northern region but do not worry, we are working on making sure NRWB gets serious and starts to offer such services online.  Below is a list of offices you can go to collect the forms.


  • Offices at Kawiluwilu House, Shoprite Service Centre, Luwinga and Ekwendeni.


  • Offices in Nkhatabay, Chintheche, Rumphi and Mzimba.


  • Offices in Nkhatabay, Chintheche, Rumphi and Mzimba

Requirements for a new water connection with NRWB

If you have bought or moved into an existing property, the account must be transferred to your name.

  1. The customer (property owner) goes to a NRWB office and requests and fills in forms for a new connection.
  2. Documents required are an ID copy & title deed.
  3. If the person applying is not the owner e.g. a company, then the company registration documents will also be required, alternatively, power of attorney.
  • Obtain application form from Customer Care Center at a cost of k100
  • Fill in the application form and provide your map on the form. Submit the form to the officer at the customer office.
  • Within 3 days (unless otherwise steady) the board will measure distance from the mains according to the map provided
  • A quotation will be provided to the applicant within 3 days from the day of measuring the distance.
  • Customer will be required to pay for the connection within 30 days. The minimum fee is MK60,000 to increase with distance.
  • Connection will be done within 7 days from date of payment (unless otherwise steady)

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