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How to apply for a new water connection with Blantyre Water Board

Post was last updated: February 18, 2024
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Apply for BWB water connection

Hello everyone, on this page we will tell you how to apply for a new water connection with Blantyre Water Board. Don’t worry, this is not as hard or as complicated as you might think. Luckily, BWB has upgraded their system and their customer service so applying for water is not that difficult.

So let’s say you have moved to your dream home, office or factory but you have no water running, well I have some good news, thankfully, BWB allows you to apply for a new water connection either in person at one of their offices or you can apply online by submitting a form, unlike Lilongwe Water Board.

You can also subscribe with us right below with your email for instant notification of new posts and updates. You can easily apply for a new connection by visiting the following BWB offices we have listed below depending on where your current house that needs water is.

Where to apply for new water connection with BWB

Apply for water connection with Blantyre Water Board online:

Visit BWB offices to apply for new water connection in person

Limbe Zone Offices (behind Central East Africa Railway Head Office in Limbe Central)

Areas covered:

  • South Lunzu
  • Nkolokoti
  • Makheta
  • Kachere
  • Mapanga
  • Chichiri
  • Maselema
  • Mudi Estate
  • Limbe Central
  • Maone
  • Blantyre Teachers College
  • Angelo Goveya
  • Chiradzulu
  • Chinyonga
  • Kanjedza
  • Nguludi
  • Bangwe
  • Namatapa
  • Mpingwe
  • Manje
  • Misesa
  • Chiwembe
  • Namiyango
  • Chikunda
  • Chigumula
  • Bvumbe
  • BCA
  • St. Patricks (Mzedi)

Soche Zone Offices (Along Kwacha Road next to Malawi Housing Corporation offices)

Areas covered:

  • Ginnery Corner
  • Zingwangwa
  • Chilobwe
  • Soche East
  • Chimwankhunda
  • Naperi
  • Chitawira
  • Nkolokosa
  • Njamba
  • Manja
  • Chikhwawa Road
  • Mpemba
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Sunny Side
  • Mandala
  • Chatha
  • Naotcha
  • Nancholi
  • Manase
  • Baluti
  • Kwacha Central
  • Makata Industrial Site

Kabula Zone Offices (Along Chileka Road at Nyambadwe Reservoirs)

Areas covered:

  • Ndirande
  • Nyambadwe
  • Namiwawa
  • Chilomoni
  • Chilomoni Fargo
  • Mulunguzi
  • Mbayani
  • Sigerenge
  • Chemusa
  • Magalsi
  • Chirimba
  • Makata Industrial Site
  • Kameza
  • Ngumbe
  • Chileka
  • Lunzu
  • Matabi
  • Walkers Ferry and Nkula

Requirements for a new water connection with BWB

If you have bought or moved into an existing property, the account must be transferred to your name.

  1. The customer (property owner) goes to a BWB office and requests and fills in forms for a new connection.
  2. Documents required are an ID copy & title deed.
  3. If the person applying is not the owner e.g. a company, then the company registration documents will also be required, alternatively, power of attorney.

Following an application from the customer, BWB shall make an assessment to establish accessibility to the property from the main pipeline and adequacy of the pipe and water pressure to accommodate the new connection within 7 days.

After the assessment, BWB shall respond and provide a quotation to the customer within 7 days

Then the water connection shall be done within 28 days after the payment. BWB shall provide every connection with a meter at a modest deposit fee to be determined from time to time.

All customers will be required to pay service deposit fee equivalent to two months consumption in cases where the meter is installed. This amount will be paid at the time of new connection and changing account name. This deposit will be refunded when the customer is moving out of the premise. It will be required for the customer to come to the BWB to turn off the supply and reclaim the deposit.

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