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Sososo Coaches Schedule

Post was last updated: March 21, 2023

Hd LogoHello everyone, on this page we have the Sososo Bus schedule and the prices of each ticket depending on your destination, we also included a quick guide that shows you how to pay for your bus ticket from the comfort of your own home. This page is updated as soon as any changes happen so make sure to keep this page bookmarked. The information on this page is for the year 2022 and beyond.

You can also choose to contact Sososo Buses for any feedback or questions.

Sososo Bus from Blantyre

  • Blantyre to Kasungu: MWK 18,000
  • Blantyre to Lilongwe: MWK 14,000
  • Blantyre to Mzuzu: MWK 22,000
  • Blantyre to Jenda: MWK 20,000
  • Blantyre to Ntcheu: MWK 12,000

Sososo Bus from Kasungu

  • Kasungu to Blantyre: MWK 18,000
  • Kasungu to Lilongwe: MWK 11,000
  • Kasungu to Mzuzu: MWK 13,000

Sososo Bus from Lilongwe

  • Lilongwe to Blantyre: MWK 14,000
  • Lilongwe to Kasungu: MWK 11,000
  • Lilongwe to Mzuzu: MWK 15,000
  • Lilongwe to Karonga: MWK 21,000
  • Lilongwe to Jenda: MWK 10,000
  • Lilongwe to Ntche: MWK 12,000
  • Lilongwe to Rumpi: MWK 13,000
  • Lilongwe to Phwezi: MWK 17,000
  • Lilongwe to Uliwa: MWK 19,000

Sososo Bus from Mzuzu

  • Mzuzu to Blantyre: MWK 22,000
  • Mzuzu to Kasungu: MWK 13,000
  • Mzuzu to Lilongwe: MWK 15,000
  • Mzuzu to Jenda: MWK 10,000
  • Mzuzu to Ntcheu: MWK 14,000
  • Mzuzu to Karonga: MWK 13,000

How to pay for Sososo Bus online

You can pay for your Sososo Bus by using one of the following methods online. Make sure to keep a reference of each receipt, I would suggest to take a screenshot on your phone, tablet or laptop once you receive the confirmation.

  • Cash Payment – You can choose to pay with cash when you arrive at the Sososo Bus depot/terminal.
  • MO 626 (For National Bank of Malawi) – Pay to this account number 1772872. Save confirmation SMS for reference.
  • TNM Mpamba – Pay to this account number 0888 33 71 72. Save confirmation SMS for reference.
  • Airtel Money – Pay to this account number 0994 19 37 45. Save confirmation SMS for reference.

Sososo Luggage Info

Every passenger is allowed to bring 25kgs luggage. Anything above 25kgs you will be charged K120 per KG.

NOTE: Luggage that is lighter but bulky is charged according to the space it takes up on the bus. Some valuables like TVs, Fridges etc have their own price.

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