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Post was last updated: August 18, 2023

Alonda LogoHello everyone, you can download Alonda for iOS and Android and experience using one of most useful apps in Malawi. This app was made by iMoSyS Limited, a company ran by one of our personal favorite CEOs, Mayamiko Nkoloma. The company focuses on using ICT to push innovation to the next level and it is a company that I think will be around for a long time.

I have been using Alonda for some months now and each month they literally improve it whether that be fixing some bugs or adding some new features. Their latest update included the ability to chat with different services and companies right in the app and they even included some new security measures like fingerprint locking/unlocking and other enhancements.

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What is the Alonda App?

Alonda is an app that allows users to quickly and easily alert first responders to an emergency. The platform uses GPS coordinates to pinpoint the user’s location, and it can also send an alert to other essential services, such as towing, ambulance, waste management, mobility, restaurants, cleaning, fumigation and landscaping, fire response, and other technical services.

When Alonda first launched, it was mainly going to be used to help curb the high crime rates in Malawi, but as time has gone, it has developed into a platform where you can now order different services including ordering food from restaurants that can be delivered to wherever you are, ordering a car to rent and more.

Alonda App Features:

  • Alonda Chat.
  • Lock App and Chat using Fingerprint, Pin, or Patterns.
  • Share Subscription with Friends & Family.
  • Quick Info Buttons for App Tutorial.
  • View Catalogs of Service Providers.
  • Improved Geo-fencing Module with Pin-point Accuracy and Precision.
  • Chat, Call, or Send Alert Feature when in Need of Service.
  • Rating & Reviewing Service Providers.

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How to contact Alonda

Address: Alonda Malawi, Mapingwe Road, iMoSyS HQ, Blantyre.

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