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Post was last updated: August 22, 2023

Bwb Mini LogoHello everyone, you can download BWB Madzi for Android and eventually iOS(not yet released for iPhone and iPad). This app is official, meaning it comes from Blantyre Water Board and their IT department.

I tried this app out a few days ago and it works as suggested, once you get your account all setup, everything else is basically as simple as you see it on the screen, if you want to report a problem, read some recent important news by Blantyre Water Board, it’s all there. It’s a very much needed app and I am hoping that BWB(Blantyre Water Board) will continue to update this app when people report bugs and glitches and I hope they will also add new options and features as time goes. Too bad Lilongwe Water Board and the Northern Region Water Board have yet to come up with their own apps that have similar features, what are they doing? Lilongwe Water Board seems to have abandoned their app years ago and it no longer works, very unfortunate.

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What is BWB Madzi App?

The BWB Madzi app is a water management app that helps people in Malawi track their water usage, find water points, and get water notifications. The app also has a section with water saving tips and a way to report water problems. The goal of the app is to help people conserve water and improve their water security while at the same time making it easy to retrieve their prepaid waterboard tokens and get access to other services through the official app.

BWB Madzi App Features:

  • Track your water usage: The app allows you to track your daily water usage, so you can see how much water you are using and where it is going. This can help you to identify areas where you can save water.
  • Get water notifications: The app can send you notifications when your water tank is running low or when there is a water outage in your area. This way, you can take action to conserve water or find an alternative water source.
  • Find water points: The app has a map of water points in your area, so you can easily find a water source when you need one. This is especially useful if you are travelling or if you live in an area with limited water access.
  • Get water tips: The app has a section with water saving tips, so you can learn how to use water more efficiently. This can help you to save money on your water bill and conserve water for the environment.
  • Report water problems: If you see a water leak or a broken pipe, you can report it to the app. This will help to ensure that water problems are fixed quickly and that water is not wasted.

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