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Onesimus Biography

Post was last updated: March 3, 2024

Gray SuitOnesimus is a Malawian musician born on 29th April, 1990. He has been one of the most popular artists for the last few years.

Onesimus Facts

About Onesimus

Onesimus, born April 29th, 1990, is a Malawian musician born in the city of Blantyre. His real name is Armstrong Kalua and he is an Afro-pop singer, songwriter, and record producer. His catchy melodies, energetic performances at awards, concerts and socially conscious lyrics have made him one of the most popular artists in Malawi, he is usually among the most listened to artists from Malawi according to Spotify streaming data.

Onesimus developed a passion for music at a young age, inspired by Malawian artists like Lucius Banda and Wambali Mkandawire. He began singing in his church choir and participating in local talent shows. In 2004, he joined the hip-hop group Black Survivors, which released one album, “Survivors of Life,” in 2003.

After the group disbanded, Onesimus pursued a solo career. In 2005, he released his debut album, “The African Butter,” which catapulted him to stardom in Malawi. The album spawned several hit singles, including “Mr. Nobody” and “Ndadzudzuka,”.

Onesimus has been recognized for his contributions to Malawian music with numerous awards, including the Malawian Music Awards for Best Male Artist and Best Album. He has also garnered international acclaim, performing at major festivals like the WOMAD Festival in the UK and the Sauti za Busara Festival in Tanzania.

How to listen to Onesimus Music

If you want to listen to his old or new songs, you can check out his Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube page.

You can also view Onesimus pictures and his latest music videos.

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