Tnm Momo Bundles

TNM MoMo Bundles Guide

Post was last updated: December 22, 2023

Tnm Momo BundlesHello everyone, on this page you will find a guide on TNM MoMo Bundles including how to buy the Momo bundles on your mobile devices.

What are TNM MoMo Bundles

MoMo Bundles are basic bundles that come with SMS, data and minutes(voice) together, meaning if you buy a MoMo bundle, you will get some minutes to talk, data to browse and some SMS to instant message somebody. I wouldn’t necessary recommend these bundles, i’d rather you take a look at the popular and reliable Yanga BundlesTNM Home WiFi, the now overrated and expensive Pamtsetse Bundles, Agulu Bundles, and the Smart Bundles, which might be your best bet to use right now if you rely on TNM for data.

MoMo Bundles

Bundle Name

What you get



MoMo 600

25 MB, 25 minutes, 25 SMS

24 hours


MoMo 2000

100 MB, 100 minutes, 100 SMS

7 Days


MoMo 6,000

500 MB, 300 minutes, 300 SMS

30 Days


How to buy TNM MoMo Bundles

Using TNM Smart App (recommended)

  • Open your TNM Smart App.
  • Select Recharges tab.
  • Select Internet tab.
  • Choose your preferred Bundle.
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