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Post was last updated: March 22, 2022

Tnm Unlimited Data Bundles PosterHello everyone, on this page you learn about TNM Pamtsetse Unlimited Data which are data bundles that are somewhat ‘unlimited’, they still come with a FUP(Fair Usage Policy) that you have to read and understand but the good thing is that these bundles expire based on period and not volume hence the term “unlimited”.

The bundles range from daily, weekly and monthly in period and from K500 to K100,000 in value offering customers a wide range to choose from.

What are TNM Pamtsetse Bundles?

Pamtsetse Unlimited packages are data bundles that provide uninterrupted internet access to customers for a day, week or a month. The packages range from 1Mpbs to 15Mbps to cover for diverse customer requirements. These packages are available to prepaid customers only.

You can use TNM’s unlimited Pamtsetse bundles on any internet platform of their choice including but not limited to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc.

If you have an Airtel phone or broadband device, you can try Airtel Mofaya bundles.

List of TNM Pamtsetse Bundles

Price (MWK) Validity Time of Use Your Max Speed Your FUP (GBs) Your Speed After FUP >|100%
500 Daily Anytime 1 Mbps 2 256 Kbps
1,000 Daily Anytime 2 Mbps 4 256 Kbps
3,000 Weekly Anytime 1 Mbps 15 256 Kbps
6,000 Weekly Anytime 2 Mbps 30 256 Kbps
10,000 1 Month Anytime 1 Mbps 50 256 Kbps
20,000 1 Month Anytime 2 Mbps 100 512 Kbps
40,000 1 Month Anytime 5 Mbps 200 512 Kbps
60,000 1 Month Anytime 10 Mbps 300 512 Kbps
100,000 1 Month Anytime 15 Mbps 500 1 Mbps

How to buy Pamtsetse Unlimited Bundles

Using TNM Smart App (recommended)

  • Open your TNM Smart App.
  • Select Recharges tab.
  • Select Internet tab.
  • Choose your preferred Bundle.

Using USSD

  • Dial *202#
  • Select 2 for Internet Bundles.
  • Select 1 for Pamtsetse Unlimited Bundles.
  • Choose your preferred Bundle.

What is Pamtsetse Fair Usage Policy(FUP)?

The Pamtsetse fair usage policy or commonly known as FUP, is a policy initiated by TNM that governs the usage of these “Unlimited” bundles. Like I said in the beginning of this post, these bundles are not truly unlimited because each bundle has it’s own GB limit, for example, let’s say you buy the MK10,000 pamtsetse bundle, which gives you 1 month to use it, speed of 1Mbps and your GB limit for this bundle is 50GB, after you use 50GB, your speed will automatically drop to 512Kbps which is very, very slow and down right illegal in most countries for speeds to be this slow. Some TNM users have also claimed that the speeds drop BEFORE you each reach your FUP GB limit, either way, check your speeds and let us know what you experience, we will pass it on to TNM. I hope that makes some sense, if not, please send us an email or drop a comment below.

 [ Download Pamtsetse fair usage policy ]

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