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Post was last updated: February 18, 2023

Tnm Home Wifi BundlesHello everyone, on this page you will find a guide on TNM Home WiFi including their bundle prices, speeds for each package and any other relevant information. These bundles are more targeted to those of you who don’t want speed restrictions on your data but at the same time, you still want cheap data but in larger volumes without the short time restrictions. These TNM Home WiFi bundles are a bit like the famous TNM Yanga Bundles.

What are TNM Home WiFi Bundles?

TNM Home WiFi is a service that includes small to large data bundles that are capped(restricted) according to the price. The speed on this service is not capped and according to TNM, all the bundles reach speeds of up to 20mbps. As a bonus, the larger bundles(Home Premium, Entertainment, Entertainment Plus & Home Ultimate) come with a free Android TV Box.

NOTE: You will need to go to the nearest TNM Shop and sign up for this service otherwise the bundles will NOT show up on when you open your TNM Smart App, you have to register with TNM first and then they will assign you a 4G router with a sim card that will be enabled to give you access to these TNM Home WiFi bundles.

List of TNM Home WiFi Bundles

Name of Bundle Validity Time of Use GBs Given Price(MWK)
Home WiFi 1GB 12 Hours Daily 1GB K1,200
Home WiFi 2GB 12 Hours Daily 2GB K1,800
Home WiFi 4GB 12 Hours Daily 4GB K3,000
Home Lite Anytime Anytime 5GB K6,000
Home Basic Package Anytime 31 days 8GB Data, 1GB FB, 1GB WhatsApp K12,000
Home WiFi 10 Plus 15 Anytime 31 days 10GB daytime Data, 15GB night Data, 1GB FB, 1GB WhatsApp K24,000
Home 1GB Daily Anytime 31 days 1GB everyday for a month K30,000
Home Family Anytime 31 days 15GB daytime Data, 40GB night Data, 2GB FB, 2GB WhatsApp K42,000
Home Nighter 6PM to 5AM 31 days 70GB Data for a month K42,000
Home Plus Anytime 31 days 1GB everday, 1GB every night, 4GB FB, 4G WhatsApp K48,000
Home Premium Anytime 31 days 2GB everday, 2GB every night, 10GB WhatsApp K72,000
Entertainment Anytime 31 days 50GB daytime Data, 70GB night Data, 10GB WhatsApp K78,000
Entertainment Plus Anytime 31 days 70GB daytime Data, 100GB night Data K120,000
Home Ultimate Anytime 31 days 3GB everday, 3GB everynight, 10GB WhatsApp K120,000

How to buy TNM Home WiFi Bundles

Using TNM Smart App (recommended)

  • Open your TNM Smart App.
  • Select Recharges tab.
  • Select Internet tab.
  • Look for where it says “Home WiFi Bundles”.
  • Choose your preferred Bundle.

By the way, I don’t use the TNM Home WiFi bundles anymore ever since TNM introduced the better and “cheaper” TNM’s Pamtsetse data bundles.

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