Chewa baby names

Malawian Baby Names

Find out the most popular names in 2024 among the Malawi population including Chichewa names, unique and trending names with their meanings.

Mw Important Numbers

Malawi Emergency Numbers

Important emergency numbers in Malawi that you might need. Please keep a copy of these numbers in your phone or print it out.

Malawi 2063

Malawi 2063 Vision

Download Malawi Vision 2063 document and find out how the government plans to grow the economy and create jobs for all Malawians.

Malawi Electoral Commissioners List

Malawi Electoral Commissioners

List of Malawi Electoral Commissioners and their related government roles, automatically updated in case there is an official shuffle or dismissal.

Malawi Electoral Laws

Malawi Electoral Laws

Read the Malawi Electoral laws online and read up on exactly how the Malawi electoral system is governed by which laws and policies.