Official List of Malawi Government Ministries

Post was last updated: January 2, 2024

Hello, on this page you will find a list of the active Malawi Ministries in the current Government of Malawi.

The Government of the Republic of Malawi has the following Ministries:

  • Ministry of Defence – Responsible for national defense and military matters. This ministry oversees the Malawian Defence Force, ensuring the protection and security of the nation. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. (They don’t have an official website for some reason)
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs – Manages the country’s economic policy, government budget, and public finances. This ministry is instrumental in formulating strategies for economic growth and fiscal stability, overseeing taxation and financial regulations.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Handles Malawi’s diplomatic relations with other countries and international organizations. It manages foreign aid, international trade policies, and protects the interests of Malawi abroad.
  • Ministry of Labour – Focuses on employment policies, labor laws, and workforce development. It aims to foster a productive and fair labor market, ensuring workers’ rights and improving job opportunities.
  • Ministry of Health – Oversees public health services, medical policies, and health education. This ministry is key in managing healthcare infrastructure, disease control, and promoting healthy lifestyles among citizens.
  • Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare – Works on gender equality, social development, and welfare services. It focuses on empowering vulnerable groups, promoting women’s rights, and providing social support services.
  • Ministry of Education – Responsible for educational policies, curriculum development, and overseeing educational institutions. Its aim is to improve the quality of education and make it accessible to all Malawians.
  • Ministry of Justice – Manages the legal and judicial system of Malawi. It ensures the enforcement of laws, protection of human rights, and the fair administration of justice.
  • Ministry of Local Government, Unity and Culture – Oversees local governance, cultural development, and national unity. It supports local authorities in service delivery and promotes cultural heritage and national cohesion.
  • Ministry of Information and Digitalization – Focuses on information technology, communications, and digitalization policies. It aims to enhance ICT infrastructure and promote digital literacy across the nation.
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change – Manages natural resources and addresses environmental and climate change issues. This ministry is dedicated to sustainable development and environmental conservation.
  • Ministry of Agriculture – Deals with agricultural policies, food security, and rural development. It supports farmers, promotes agricultural research and innovation, and ensures food sufficiency.
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry – Responsible for trade policies, industrial development, and market regulations. It aims to boost Malawi’s economy by enhancing trade and fostering industrial growth.
  • Ministry of Lands – Handles land administration, urban planning, and land development. This ministry ensures equitable land distribution and sustainable land management practices.
  • Ministry of Transport and Public Works – Oversees transportation infrastructure, public works, and civil engineering projects. It is crucial for the development and maintenance of roads, bridges, and public transport systems.
  • Ministry of Mining – Regulates the mining industry, mineral exploration, and mining policies. It aims to responsibly exploit mineral resources for economic development.
  • Ministry of Homeland Security – Ensures internal security, immigration control, and emergency management. This ministry is responsible for safeguarding citizens and maintaining internal peace and order.
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports – Promotes youth development and sports in Malawi. It focuses on empowering the youth through various programs and enhancing the sports sector.
  • Ministry of Energy – Manages energy policies, electricity supply, and renewable energy development. It works towards ensuring stable and sustainable energy for all Malawians.
  • Ministry of Water and Sanitation – Focuses on water resource management, drinking water supply, and sanitation services. It aims to provide safe and clean water and improve sanitation facilities nationwide.

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