Inside Malawi Parliament Building

Official List of Malawi Members of Parliament

Post was last updated: August 6, 2023
Inside Malawi Parliament Building
Members of Malawi Parliament

Hello everyone, on this page you will find the members that are in Parliament of Malawi from December 2021 and beyond. We will be updating this page as soon as anything changes, whether that be a new member is added or removed, we will be the first web site to have the information so make sure to always bookmark us. If you want to contact us for any reasons, maybe we made a mistake or you have questions about the details on this page, let us know in the comments or by emailing us.

What are Members of Parliament?

A member of parliament is the representative of the people who live in his/her constituency. They voted into this position by the public and thus their main role is to work for the people who choice them, especially in that region/constituency. They are also known apart of the Malawi National Assembly.

The Parliament of Malawi is the supreme legislative body in Malawi. It is composed of Members of Parliament who are elected directly in single member constituencies. Currently, the Parliament of Malawi is composed of 193 Members. The term of a Parliament is 5 years. The last election was held on 21st May, 2019. By-elections can take place whenever a seat becomes vacant.

Speaker of the house

Catherine Gotani Hara
Speaker of the national assembly in Malawi

The Speaker is the presiding Officer/Chairperson of the National Assembly. This role currently belongs to: Catherine Gotani Hara

Malawi Members of Parliament

PhotoName of MPContact InfoConstituencyParty
Kezzie Kasambala Msukwa[email protected]Chitipa EastMCP
Werani Manasseh Chilenga[email protected]Chitipa SouthDPP
Alinubwila Mwenesongole+265996614747Chitipa CentralIndependent
Nickson Celvans Masebo[email protected]Chitipa NorthDPP
Davies Paulos Ng'ambi[email protected]Chitipa WenyaIndependent
Mungasulwa Mwambande+265999779891Karonga NorthDPP
James Bond Kamwambi+265999255362Karonga North WestDPP

Cornelius Thomson Mwalwanda[email protected]Karonga CentralMCP
Kenneth Ndovie[email protected]Karonga NyungweIndependent
Uchizi Vunda MkandawireNone available.Karonga SouthMCP
Kamlepo Kalua[email protected]Rumphi EastPP
Yona M. Adadawiza Mkandawire[email protected]Rumphi WestIndependent
McDowel Aaron Chidumba Mkandawire[email protected]Rumphi CentralIndependent
Jappie Mhango[email protected]Rumphi NorthDPP
Chrissie Kanyasho[email protected]Nkhata Bay NorthUTM
Symon Vuwa Kaunda[email protected]Nkhata Bay CentralDPP
Chrispin Chanju Mlowoka Mphande+265888386246Nkhata Bay WestUTM
Julius Chione Mwase[email protected]Nkhata Bay North WestDPP
Noah Freeman Chimpeni[email protected]Nkhata Bay south EastPP
Kenneth Zikhale Reeves Ng'oma[email protected]Nkhata Bay SouthMCP
Ashems Christopher SongweNone available.Likoma IslandsMCP
Bennex Mwamlima+265888870049Mzuzu CityMCP
Yeremia Mzgezge Wilson Chihana[email protected]Mzimba NorthAFORD
Catherine Gotani Hara[email protected]Mzimba North EastMCP
Billy KaundaNone available.Mzimba WestIndependent
Emmanuel Chambulanyina Jere[email protected]Mzimba SouthIndependent
Henry Baidon ShabaNone available.Mzimba CentralIndependent
Martha Mzomera Chiuluntha-Ngwira+265999328388Mzimba HoraDPP
Samuel Mayor Chirwa[email protected]Mzimba LuwereziIndependent
Jacob Hlangabeza Hara[email protected]Mzimba SololaMCP
Wezzie Gondwe+265991098998Mzimba EastIndependent
Raymond Chatima Nkhata[email protected]Mzimba South WestDPP
Ackson Kalaile Banda[email protected]Mzimba South EastPP
Mike Bango[email protected]Kasungu NorthMCP
Paul Dumembe Nkhoma[email protected]Kasungu North North EastMCP
Jailosi Kalenje Bonongwe+265999100959Kasungu WestMCP
Bauden Mphatso Mtonga[email protected]Kasungu North WestMCP
Simplex Ed Chithyola Banda[email protected]Kasungu SouthMCP
Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda[email protected]Kasungu South EastMCP
Madalitso Fred Kwaderanji Kazombo[email protected]Kasungu EastIndependent
Kenny Edward Kandodo[email protected]Kasungu CentralMCP
Madalitso Wirima Kambauwa[email protected]Kasungu North EastIndependent
Henry Chimunthu Banda[email protected]Nkhotakota NorthDPP
Martha Priscilla Mhone Chanjo Lunji [email protected]Nkhotakota North EastDPP
Peter Mazizi[email protected]Nkhotakota CentralMCP
Brainax M. A. Kaise[email protected]Nkhotakota SouthMCP
Sadala Yahard Ibrahim[email protected]Nkhotakota South EastUDF
Benard Kondwani Chitekwe[email protected]Ntchisi EastIndependent
Ulemu Jermoth Chilapondwa[email protected]Ntchisi SouthMCP
Jacqueline Chikuta+265999449818Ntchisi NorthIndependent
Olipa Chimangeni[email protected]Ntchisi North EastMCP
Richard Chimwendo Banda[email protected]Dowa EastMCP
Halima Alima Daud[email protected]Dowa South EastMCP
Samuel Dalitso Kawale[email protected]Dowa North EastMCP
Arthur Mabvuto Sungitsa[email protected]Dowa NgalaIndependent
Darlington Robert Harawa[email protected]Dowa CentralMCP
Dr. Ephraim Kayembe Abelle[email protected]Dowa WestIndependent
Enos Kanyerere Chitatanga[email protected]Dowa NorthMCP
Canaan Hannock Benton Kaphamtengo-Yona[email protected]Salima NorthMCP
Gerald Kapiseni Phiri[email protected]Salima CentralMCP
Christopher Joseph Manja[email protected]Salima SouthMCP
Mike Ng'ombe MwawaNone available.Salima South EastMCP
Enock Genasi Phale[email protected]Salima North WestMCP
Rachel Patience Mazombwe Zulu[email protected]Mchinji NorthMCP
Esther Asumani Majaza+265997707384Mchinji North EastDPP
Godfrey Kapalamula+265993354555Mchinji EastIndependent
Jephter Fackson Mwale[email protected]
Mchinji WestMCP
Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma[email protected]Mchinji SouthMCP
Deus Texas N. Gumba Banda[email protected]Mchinji South WestMCP
Horace Levus Chipuwa[email protected]Lilongwe Mapuyu NorthMCP
Esther Cecilia Kathumba[email protected]Lilongwe Mapuyu SouthIndependent
Monica Chang'anamuno[email protected]Lilongwe NorthIndependent
Liana Kakhobwe Chapota[email protected]Lilongwe Msozi SouthMCP
Sosten Alfred Gwengwe[email protected]Lilongwe Msozi NorthMCP
Marko Ezra Banda Ching'onga[email protected]Lilongwe KumachengaMCP
Winston Kaimapanjira+265883134787Lilongwe North EastIndependent
George Zulu[email protected]Lilongwe City WestMCP
Collins John Fletcher Kajawa[email protected]Lilongwe Mpenu NkhomaMCP
Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka[email protected]Lilongwe MpenuMCP
Baba Steven Malondera[email protected]Lilongwe South EastIndependent
Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma[email protected]Lilongwe EastMCP
Lobin Clarke Lowe[email protected]Lilongwe CentralMCP
Alfred Jiya[email protected]Lilongwe City CentreMCP
Gladwell Kachikungu Chimdzeka[email protected]Lilongwe City NorthIndependent
Jean Muonaowuza Sendeza[email protected]Lilongwe South WestMCP
Ulemu Msungama[email protected]Lilongwe City South EastMCP
Nancy Gladys Tembo[email protected]Lilongwe City South WestIndependent
Bintony Kutsaira[email protected]Lilongwe Msinja NorthDPP
Lingson Kambewa Waidon Belekanyama[email protected]Lilongwe Msinja SouthMCP
Savel Kafwafwa[email protected]Dedza NorthIndependent
Daniel Hamilton Chiwere[email protected]Dedza CentralMCP
Clement Claude Mlombwa[email protected]Dedza South WestMCP
Auzious John Chidobvu+265881860980Dedza North WestIndependent
Patrick Siyabonga Bandawe[email protected]Dedza EastIndependent
Ishmael Ndaila Onani[email protected]Dedza SouthMCP
Harold Patrick Phillipo Chinkhondo[email protected]Dedza WestMCP
McSteyn Swithin Mkomba[email protected]Dedza Central EastIndependent
Arthur Enock Chipungu[email protected]Ntcheu North EastIndependent
Nancy Chaola[email protected]Ntcheu Bwanje NorthIndependent
Mwisho Alexander Chilikumtima[email protected]Ntcheu Bwanje SouthIndependent
Albert Mapondera Mbawala[email protected]Ntcheu CentralMCP
Damson Chimalira[email protected]Ntcheu SouthDPP
Lymon Bema Ziphondo+265999681903Ntcheu NorthMCP
Simion Simon Salambula[email protected]Ntcheu WestUTM
Benedicto Kaluwa-Adwell Chambo[email protected]Mangochi NorthDPP
Idi Kalosi[email protected]Mangochi North EastUDF
Misolo Mussa Kapichila[email protected]Mangochi MalombeUDF
Francesca Theula Masamba[email protected]Mangochi EastDPP
Lilian Estella Patel[email protected]Mangochi SouthUDF
Shadric Namalomba[email protected]Mangochi South WestDPP
Victoria Kingstone[email protected]Mangochi CentralDPP
Aisha Annie Adams[email protected]Mangochi NkunguluUDF
Geofrey Meleka Mark Chiwondo[email protected]Mangochi WestDPP
Ralph Pacharo Jooma[email protected]Mangochi Monkey BayDPP
Edrissa Pongolani Kazembe+265998854164Mangochi LutendePP
Ishmael Sainet Grant Rashid[email protected]Mangochi MasongolaIndependent
Chifundo Makande[email protected]Balaka Central EastDPP
Antony Tony Ngalande[email protected]Balaka NorthIndependent
Bertha Mackenzie NdebeleNone Available.Balaka westDPP
Ireen Mambala+265881777681Balaka SouthIndependent
Ajilu Richard Kalitendere[email protected]Machinga North EastIndependent
Samuel Malume Bokosi[email protected]Machinga CentralDPP
Daud Al-Deen Chikwanje [email protected]Machinga Central EastDPP
Esther Jolobala[email protected]Machinga EastUDF
Grant Hassan Ndecha[email protected]Machinga SouthUDF
Bright Msaka[email protected]Machinga LikwenuDPP
Fyness MwagonjwaNone Available.Machinga South EastDPP
McNice Abu Naliwa[email protected]Zomba MsondoleDPP
Roseby Gama Gadama[email protected]Zomba ThondweIndependent
Lonnie Chijere Phiri[email protected]Zomba ChingaleDPP
John Alfred John Chikalimba[email protected]Zomba ChangalumePP
William John Susuwele-Banda[email protected]Zomba LisanjalaIndependent
Grace Chisomo Shiera Kwelepeta[email protected]Zomba MalosaDPP
Nedson Newman Poya[email protected]Zomba NtonyaUDF
Bester Benard Awali[email protected]Zomba CentralDPP
Abigail Shariff Bongwe[email protected]Zomba LikangalaIndependent
Mark Botomani[email protected]Zomba ChisiDPP
Joseph Mathyola Mwanamvekha[email protected]Chiradzulu SouthDPP
McTimes Pagonanji Malowa[email protected]Chiradzulu CentralDPP
Patrick Mpinganjira Matola[email protected]Chiradzulu NorthIndependent
Joseph David Nomale[email protected]Chiradzulu EastIndependent
Matthews Ngwale[email protected]Chiradzulu WestIndependent
Francis Lucky Phisso-Phiri[email protected]Blantyre NorthDPP
Fidson Saimon Chisesele[email protected]Blantyre North EastIndependent
Susan Kacholola Ndalama[email protected]Blantyre Rural EastDPP
Kennedy Pemba Kachingwe[email protected]Blantyre South WestDPP
Chipiliro Mpinganjira[email protected]Blantyre City CentreDPP
Ismail Rizzq Mkumba[email protected]Blantyre MalabadaUDF
Noel Lipipa[email protected]Blantyre City SouthDPP
John Francis Bande[email protected]Blantyre City EastIndependent
Orphan Shaba[email protected]Blantyre BangweIndependent
Sameer Suleman[email protected]Blantyre City South EastDPP
Steven Mikaya[email protected]Blantyre City WestUTM
Getrude Nankhumwa+265994740495Blantyre KabulaIndependent
Jason Isaac Kaneka[email protected]Blantyre WestIndependent
Nicholas Harry Dausi[email protected]Mwanza CentralDPP
Joyce Chitsulo[email protected]Mwanza WestDPP
Mark Katsonga-Phiri[email protected]Neno SouthIndependent
Thoko Matengambiri Tembo[email protected]Neno NorthDPP
Ephraim Billy Nayeja[email protected]Thyolo NorthIndependent
Charles Thomson Mchacha[email protected]Thyolo WestDPP
Ben Malunga Phiri[email protected]Thyolo CentralDPP
Mabvuto Sandram Scott[email protected]Thyolo SouthIndependent
Masauko Poverty White[email protected]Thyolo EastDPP
Chimwemwe Chipungu[email protected]Thyolo South WestDPP
Mary Thom Chisomo Navicha[email protected]Thyolo ThavaDPP
Mary Connie Livuza Mpanga[email protected]Phalombe SouthDPP
George Katunga Million[email protected]Phalombe CentralIndependent
Anna Andrew Kachikho+265993424298Phalombe NorthDPP
Robert Mwina[email protected]Phalombe EastIndependent
Dennis Biscuit Namachekecha-Phiri[email protected]Phalombe North EastDPP
Naomi Kilekwa[email protected]Mulanje South EastDPP
Santigo Samson Phiri[email protected]Mulanje SouthDPP
Kondwani Nankhumwa[email protected]Mulanje CentralDPP
Daudi Abiyani Chida[email protected]Mulanje LimbuliDPP
Victor Musowa[email protected]Mulanje BaleDPP
Dr. George Thapatula Chaponda[email protected]Mulanje South WestDPP
Ebbie Mathanda[email protected]Mulanje PasaniDPP
Yusufu Witness Nthenda[email protected]Mulanje WestDPP
Lyana Lexa Tambala[email protected]Mulanje NorthIndependent
Ilyas Abdul Karim[email protected]Chikwawa SouthMCP
Abida Sidik Mia[email protected]Chikwawa MkombeziMCP
Salim Ibrahim Bagus[email protected]Chikhwawa CentralIndependent
Owen Chomanika[email protected]Chikwawa NorthDPP
Rodrick Sam Khumbanyiwa+265884426210Chikwawa EastUDF
Susan Dossi[email protected]Chikwawa WestIndependent
Francis Lazalo Kasaila[email protected]Nsanje CentralDPP
Ramuzani Juma Mahomed[email protected]Nsanje SouthIndependent
Eurita Ntiza Valeta[email protected]Nsanje South WestIndependent
Gladys Ganda[email protected]Nsanje LalanjeDPP
Dr. Esther Mcheka Chilenje[email protected]Nsanje NorthDPP
Wisdom Mayuni