2014 Cabinet Members

Official List of Malawi Cabinet Ministers

Post was last updated: December 30, 2021
2014 Cabinet Members
Official Cabinet Members of Malawi Government

Hello everyone, on this page you will find the members that are in the Cabinet of Malawi from December 2021 and beyond.

What is a Cabinet?

The Cabinet of Malawi is the executive branch of the government, made up of the President of Malawi, Vice President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers responsible for the different departments.

Cabinet of Malawi

 Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.
President of Malawi, Minister of Defence Commander-in-chief of the Armed and Police forces.
Saulos Chilima. 
Vice President of Malawi and Minister of Economic Planning, Development and Public Sector Reforms.
Lobin C. Lowe.
Minister of Agriculture. 
Agnes Nyalonje.
Minister of Education.
Felix Mlusu. 
Minister of Finance.
Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka. 
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Patricia Kaliati.
Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare.
Timothy Mtambo. 
Minister of Civic Education and National Unity. 
Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda.
Minister of Health.
Gospel Kazako. 
Minister of Information.
Titus Mvalo. 
Minister of Justice.
Kenny Kandodo. 
– Removed by President Chakwera on April 18th 2021. Position is currently vacant.
Minister of Labour.
Kezzie Kasambala Msukwa.
Minister of Lands.
Jacob Hara.
Minister of Local Government.
Newton Kambala.
 – Removed by President Chakwera on August 11th 2021. Position is currently vacant.
Minister of Energy.
Nancy Tembo. 
Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources. 
Michael Bizwick Usi.
Minister of Tourism, Culture & Wildlife.
Blessings Chimsinga. 
Minister of Transport and Public works.
Richard Chimwendo Banda.
Minister of Homeland Security.
Rashid Abdul Gaffar.
Minister of Mining.
Ulemu Msungama. 
Minister of Youth and Sports.
Sosten Alfred Gwengwe.
Minister of Trade.
Roy Akajuwe Kachale-Banda. 
Minister of Industry. 

Malawi Deputy Ministers

  1. Jean Muonaowauza Sendeza – Deputy Minister of Defense.
  2. Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma – Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
  3. Nancy Chaola Mdooko – Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works.
  4. Chrissie Kamanga Kalamula Kanyasho – Deputy Minister of Health.
  5. Madalitso Wirima Kambauwa – Deputy Minister of Education.
  6. Halima Alima Daud – Deputy Minister of Local Government.
  7. Vera Kamtukule – Deputy Minister of Labour.
  8. Abida Sidik Mia – Deputy Minister of Lands.

Appointed Positions

  • Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda – Attorney General.
  • Wilson T. Banda – Governor of Reserve Bank of Malawi.
  • John Bizwick – Commissioner General of Malawi Revenue Authority.
  • Henry Ngutwa – Deputy Commissioner General of Malawi Revenue Authority.
  • Agnes Katsonga Phiri – Deputy Administration Commissioner of MRA.
  • Dokani Ngwira – Director General of National Intelligence Services.

Appointed Advisors

  • Dr. Samson Lembani – Chief Advisor on Public Policy and Governance.
  • Chancellor Kaferapanjira – Chief Economic Advisor.
  • Mrs. Colleen Zamba – Chief Advisor on Sustainable Development Goals and International Relations.
  • Chris Chaima Banda – Chief Advisor on Strategy and Manifesto Implementation. – Removed by President Chakwera on August 11th 2021. Position is currently vacant.
  • Moses Kunkuyu – Special advisor on Chiefs and Rural Governance.
  • Maxwell Thyolera – Presidential Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs.
  • Ephraim Chibvunde – Presidential advisor on Political Affairs.
  • Lucius Banda – Advisor on Youth and Arts.
  • Cleric Brian Kamwendo – Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs.

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