Fb In Mw

How to download Facebook in Malawi

Post was last updated: March 9, 2023
Fb In Mw
Facebook in Malawi

Hello everyone, on this page you will learn how to download Facebook and Facebook Messenger on your Android phones, iPhone and whatever computer you might be using while you are here in Malawi. You can also read our beginner’s guide on how to download WhatsApp.

It is a straightforward step by step guide that will show you which are the right apps to choose so that you don’t accidently download and install the wrong FB messenger or FB app.

Install Facebook for Android Phone

If you want to install Facebook for your Android phone in Malawi, make sure you ONLY get it from the Google Play Store, don’t trust anyone sending you the .APK file etc, always download important apps from the Google Play Store.

[ Download Facebook for Android via Google Play Store ]

Install Facebook for iPhone

Likewise, if you want to install Facebook for your iPhone in Malawi, you should ONLY install it from the official Apple Store, you can’t it from anywhere else, always download important apps from the Apple Store.

[ Download Facebook for iPhone via Apple Store ]

Install Facebook Messenger for iPhone

[ Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone via Apple Store ]

Install Facebook Messenger for Android

[ Download Facebook Messenger for Android via Google Play Store ]

Why install Facebook and Facebook Messenger?

We have plenty of reasons why you should download Facebook and FB Messenger especially if you are into business. Most users in Malawi with a smartphone and or access to a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, most of them are on social media in one way or another. It’s something you cannot avoid no matter what so I highly recommend you install both of these apps so that you can communicate with your customers directly. In fact, most websites which have a social media presence convert more sales than those that don’t and it’s pretty obvious when you think about it. You tend to trust companies that are out in the public than those who operate behind closed doors with no social media presence and or website. With this covid-era still around us, it makes even more sense to have a facebook and facebook messenger account since even less people will now be going to your physical shops.

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