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National Resolution for Change Public Lecture by Denis Mahata

Post was last updated: January 27, 2024

Denis Mahata ScreenshotI was browsing Facebook today when I came across this brilliant lecture by Denis Mahata, who happens to want to run for president in Malawi in 2025, the only problem with that is that he will be turning 30 in 2025, and the minimum age to be a president in Malawi is currently set at 35 years or older. A law that I think should be lowered to 30, but that is a story for another day.

What is the lecture about?

The recent public lecture hosted by NRC, a fresh political party/movement founded by Denis Mahata, delves into the reasons behind Malawi’s current position at the lower end of most global statistics and explores real strategies for improving the nation’s fortunes independently, without depending on Western aid(loans) and Western political philosophy. I highly recommend everyone to give this lecture a listen. It profoundly impacted me and I believe it’s an essential presentation that Malawians and Africans, in general, should hear.

Denis Mahata NRC Lecture Video

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