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Prepaid Tokens from Northern Region Water Board

Post was last updated: February 20, 2024
Nrwb Wtbppt
How to buy prepaid NRWB tokens

On this page you will be able to find out how to buy Prepaid units from Northern Region Water Board. Below you will find a list of multiple methods that we have gathered for you that let you conveniently buy your water without too much of a hassle. Each method we have listed is mostly safe and easy. If any of the below methods are causing you constant problems, please contact us and we can either remove them from this list or we can attempt to contact them for you.

NOTE: Incase you lost your NRWB token, you can read our guide on how to recover your NRWB token online.

What are Prepaid Tokens?

Prepaid water service from Northern Region Water Board is when you are given a Prepaid meter which is able to count the flow of water used in Cubic Meters(M3). The meter balance decreases as you use water, and there is an LED light on the meter that flashes as water is consumed. The faster the light flashes, the more units are being used.

How to buy Prepaid Tokens from Northern Region Water Board

  • Airtel Money
  • TNM Mpamba
  • National Bank Mo626
  • Ecobank Mobile
  • Standard Bank 247 Mobile
  • FCB Mobile
  • FDH Mobile
  • NBS Easy Mobile

Where to buy NRWB Prepaid Tokens?

Besides using the previously mentioned mobile & banking services above, you can visit the following physical stores and you will be able to buy your prepaid tokens from NRWB without much hassle at all but for obvious reasons, we still recommend you try to use the mobile and banking methods we mentioned for ease of of use and in these days of covid-19, it’s better to limit your movements by any means.

Location Pay-Point Time
  • Kawiluwilu office
  • Shoprite
  • Luwinga office
  • PUMA Brickwave filling station at Luwinga
08am – 04:30pm
Ekwendeni Ekwendeni scheme office 08am – 04:30pm
  • Chintheche scheme office
  • Malaza pay point
Nkhata Bay Nkhata Bay scheme office 08am – 04:30pm
Mzimba Mzimba scheme office 08am – 04:30pm
Rumphi Rumphi scheme office 08am – 04:30pm
Karonga Karonga scheme office 08am – 04:30pm
Chilumba Chilumba scheme office 08am – 04:30pm
Songwe Songwe scheme office 08am – 04:30pm
Chitipa Chitipa scheme office 08am – 04:30pm

Remember to check out Northern Region Water Board tariffs as well to find out the latest charges.

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