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Post was last updated: September 20, 2021

Kuwala House Of ShineKuwala aka Theana Ana Msolomba is an experienced capacity builder and wellness advocate. With money being central to human life, she offers a one stop shop for financial education with overall wellness in mind (physical and emotional wellbeing) to raise up wholesome individuals. She takes pride in providing knowledge, skills, resources and transforming mind-sets. She envisions financially empowered, mentally focused and physically fit youths taking up their place and space in all sectors of the national economy.

Simply put, Theana Ana Msolomba is one of the best financial advisors & mentors in Africa. Her facebook videos have gone viral numerous times and we will have her exclusive videos on her category page which will feature in depth strategies and examples on how you can manage your finances whether for your business or personal entities.

Quick facts about Theana Ana Msolomba

  • Her favorite color is Royal Blue.
  • Loves flowers in all forms and color.
  • Supports Nyasa big bullets and Manchester United.
  • Feels most relaxed during nature walks and watching moving water bodies.

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