Malawi Electoral Laws

Malawi Electoral Laws

Post was last updated: April 8, 2023

Hello everyone, on this page you will be able to download Malawi Electoral Laws and yes, this does include the official Malawi Electoral commissions act as well as many other policies that the Malawi Electoral commissioners must follow on each election.

We will be updating this page whenever they update these laws, the Malawi Electoral laws were last updated in November 2019.

What are Malawi Electoral Laws?

Malawi electoral law is the legal instrument used to develop the majority of electoral topics that are relevant for a nation. Electoral laws are enacted by legislators (legislative branches of government, chambers, congresses, assemblies &, parliaments) in order to develop the general principles established by the Malawi Constitution.

Often, since electoral systems have to be legitimate, strong and permanent electoral laws have to be enacted by at least a two-thirds majority of Malawi Parliament members.

Online Malawi Electoral Laws PDF

Malawi Electoral Laws

» Download the Malawi Electoral Laws of the Republic of Malawi

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