2022 2023 Budget Logo

2022-2023 Malawi Budget Statement

Download 2022-2023 Malawi budget statement by the Minister of Finance and find out what the government is planning to do with your tax money.


Malawi Highway Code

Get the Malawi highway code and find out how to correctly drive in Malawi, the road signs and rules. We have the file in PDF.


Malawi Road Traffic Act

Get the Malawi Road Traffic Act and find out what type of driving laws, regulations and policies are legal in Malawi. We have the file in PDF.

Malawi 2063

Malawi 2063 Vision

Download Malawi Vision 2063 document and find out how the government plans to grow the economy and create jobs for all Malawians.

Malawi Electoral Laws

Malawi Electoral Laws

Read the Malawi Electoral laws online and read up on exactly how the Malawi electoral system is governed by which laws and policies.

Constitution of the Republic of Malawi Online

Download Constitution of Malawi

Download the official Constitution of Malawi or read it online for free, we have also included some facts about the Constitution.