Mike Chilewe interview

Mike Chilewe Times Exclusive Interview with Brian Banda

Post was last updated: February 10, 2024

What is the interview about?

In this insightful interview, Mike Chilewe, the former proprietor of Mike’s Trading, once a thriving business that declared bankruptcy, remains optimistic about making a comeback. His enterprise, Mike’s Trading Group, was known for producing items like steel windows, trailers, canopies, truck bodies, door frames, roofing structures, and steel gates.

During the peak of his business, Chilewe enjoyed the luxuries of owning a Cadillac Escalade, traveling in business class, and sharing meals with world leaders. However, the downfall of his company in 2019 led to the loss of his assets, including his vehicles, to creditors.

In this Times Exclusive interview, Chilewe shared that his business encountered unexpected difficulties, with politics playing a significant role in these challenges. Currently residing in Mulanje, Chilewe has adjusted to a more modest lifestyle, devoid of personal transportation and relying on public transportation.

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