Malawi Minimum Wage

Malawi Minimum Wage

Post was last updated: January 30, 2024

Malawi Minimum WageHello everyone, on this page you will find about the Malawi minimum wage which has been in effect since January 2024 when it was approved by then President Chakwera after amending the Employment act.

What is Minimum Wage?

Minimum wage is the lowest amount of money that employers are legally required to pay their employees for their work. It is designed to protect workers from exploitation and ensure they receive fair compensation for their labor.

Malawi’s minimum wage varies by job type. Malawi’s minimum wage structure has been updated as of January 2024. Urban and rural workers now earn a minimum of MK3,461.54 daily, which translates to MK90,000 monthly. Domestic workers receive MK2,000 daily or MK52,000 monthly.

For truck drivers, wages vary based on route and vehicle weight. International drivers with vehicles over 30 tonnes earn MK234,500 monthly, while local drivers for the same category earn MK167,500. Drivers of vehicles below 30 tonnes have a minimum wage of MK100,500 per month.

Type of work Per day Per month
Urban workers MK3,461.54 MK90,000.00
Rural workers MK3,461.54 MK90,000.00
Domestic workers MK2,000.00 MK52,000.00
Truck driver international for 30 tonnes and above * MK234,500.00
Truck driver local for 30 tonnes and above * MK167,500.00
Truck driver below 30 tonnes * MK100,500.00

NEW! Download the 2024 Minimum Wage Gazetted act that is part of the Malawi Employment act.

(old) Download the Malawi political parties”act” that is apart of the Malawi Employment act.

Examples of Domestic Workers in Malawi:

  • Housekeepers or maids
  • Nannies or babysitters
  • Personal chefs or cooks
  • Gardeners or landscapers
  • Home health aides or caregivers

Examples of Urban Workers in Malawi:

  • Retail salespersons
  • Office workers
  • Restaurant staff (e.g., servers, or cashiers)
  • Public transportation drivers (e.g., bus or taxi drivers)
  • Customer service representatives

Examples of Rural Workers in Malawi:

  • Farmers or agricultural workers
  • Livestock handlers or herders
  • Fishermen or fisherwomen
  • Forestry workers
  • Carpenters

You should also check out the labour act of and compensation act.

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