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State of the Nation Address 2024 by President Chakwera

Post was last updated: February 12, 2024

What is the 2024 SONA Speech about?

In his recent State of the Nation Address, President Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi laid out an ambitious blueprint for the nation’s path forward, weaving a narrative of resilience, development, and hope against the backdrop of challenging economic circumstances. Since assuming office in 2020, President Chakwera’s administration has made notable strides in job creation, with over 1.3 million new jobs generated across various sectors such as agriculture, health, and education. This year alone saw the addition of nearly 188,000 new roles, showcasing the government’s commitment to combat unemployment and foster economic growth. Furthermore, the president highlighted a pioneering labour export deal with Israel, aiming to send 100,000 young Malawians overseas for employment, a move anticipated to bring in $6 million annually in remittances and open international doors for the youth.

Moreover, Chakwera’s address touched upon infrastructural and agricultural development, announcing a K35 billion initiative to support small-scale farmers and the construction of the Sidik Mia Highway in the Lower Shire, a poignant tribute to the late Minister of Transport. The shift in policy directing State Owned Enterprises to deposit revenues directly with the Reserve Bank of Malawi marked a significant step towards financial reform, aimed at dismantling profiteering systems. Through these measures, President Chakwera expressed a vision for a revitalized Malawi, refusing to accept a stagnant economy as fate and instilling hope for the future.

Key Points from his speech:

  • President Lazarus Chakwera said that a total of 1.3 million people have been employed in the country since the year 2020 when he took office.
  • He informed the parliament today in Lilongwe that this year alone, more than 187,000 people have been employed.
  • Mr. Chakwera also said that their government is facilitating employment opportunities for the youth of this country in foreign countries such as Israel.

Where can you download the 2024 SONA Speech?

You can download the 2024 SONA Speech in PDF by choosing the following options below:

What is a SONA Speech?

A SONA speech, which stands for State of the Nation Address, is an annual event in some countries where the head of state (such as a president or prime minister) delivers a speech to the legislative body (such as a parliament or congress). This speech typically covers the following:

  • A report on the current state of the nation: This includes the country’s economic, social, and political situation. The leader will discuss both the successes and challenges that the country has faced over the past year.
  • An outline of the government’s priorities for the coming year: This will include the leader’s vision for the future of the country and the key policies that they plan to implement.
  • A call to action: The leader will often urge the public and the legislature to work together to achieve the goals that they have outlined.


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