Malawi Business Ideas List

What Type of Business Should I Start in Malawi?

Post was last updated: February 6, 2024
Malawi Business Ideas List
Top 10 Malawi Business Ideas

Hello, on this page you will find out exactly what type of business you should start in Malawi. We will give you a simple list of small ideas you can try in Malawi whether it be in capital Lilongwe, commercial city of Blantyre, Zomba, Limbe or the ever expanding Mzuzu city.

Starting a new business requires time and money. You’ll need to research the market, raise finance, establish contacts, find a location and maybe hire new staff.

There are a number of business structures and types that you can consider.

List of business ideas to start

  • You can start online business (expanded below) — Highly recommended because it doesn’t require much.
  • You can start a Malawi music website — Malawian music needs a bigger audience, help it grow.
  • You can start a Malawi sports website — Malawians love sports, from Football to Netball.
  • You can start a Malawi fashion website — This will always make you money and get you customers easily.
  • You can start a Malawi video game web site — A growing industry that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Become a psychologist — Malawi has a shortage of people who can inspire others, now is a great opportunity.
  • Open a franchise business like KFC in Malawi, Nando’s in Malawi or any local company chain, like Peoples.
  • Start an import service by bringing in other African products from nearby countries like South Africa.
  • Start an exporter service by shipping out local Malawian products to nearby countries like Zambia.
  • Star your own local restaurant in your house — Why not? You can easily sell your food/products outside your gate.

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Business ideas to try in 2024

  • Mobile Health Care: Begin a traveling health service offering medical care to hard-to-reach places. This can include check-ups, basic tests, and health advice through the internet.
  • Travel and Nature Tours: Create travel experiences focusing on the area’s natural beauty, history, and animals. Focus on eco-friendly and lasting travel.
  • Farm Advice Service: Offer guidance to farmers on increasing their harvests, using eco-friendly methods, and finding new buyers.
  • Solar and Wind Energy: Use the area’s strong sunlight and wind to provide green energy solutions at a low cost for homes and businesses.
  • Online Marketplace: Start a website where local crafters, farmers, and small shops can sell to buyers near and far.
  • Aquaculture: Use local water sources to raise fish, offering a sustainable business that also adds to food availability.
  • Waste Recycling: Launch a venture to collect, sort, and recycle garbage, aiding the environment and potentially making money.
  • Learning Services: Open a center for tutoring, or an online learning site, focusing on everything from school subjects to job skills.
  • Agri-product Processing: Process local farm products, like turning fruits into jams, grinding grains, or making dairy items.
  • Local Transport: With cities growing and the demand for trustworthy transport, start a service for local travel or goods delivery.
  • Community Gardening: Start a project to grow vegetables and fruits, teaching locals to cultivate and sell produce.
  • Handicrafts and Art: Create a business promoting local crafts and art, offering training and a platform for selling.
  • Health and Wellness: Open a center for fitness, yoga, or wellness, promoting health in the community.
  • Water Purification: Set up a service to clean and supply drinking water, especially in areas lacking access to safe water.
  • Tech Support: Offer assistance with technology, from repairing devices to teaching computer skills.
  • Mobile Libraries: Bring books and educational materials to remote areas with a traveling library.
  • Event Planning: Organize local events, from weddings to community gatherings, providing planning and coordination services.
  • Clean Energy Cooking Solutions: Promote and sell cooking devices that use clean energy, reducing reliance on traditional wood and charcoal.
  • Poultry Farming: Raise chickens for eggs and meat, a venture that can start small and grow.
  • Herbal and Natural Products: Create products from local plants for health and beauty, tapping into the growing interest in natural remedies.

You may also consider buying an established business or a franchise because they have the advantage that operations are already in place. The premises and stock, customer base, suppliers and income stream are already established.

State governments can help you with information and guidance on assessing business opportunities.

To ensure you choose the right structure and type of business, consider talking to a professional business adviser, accountant or solicitor for advice.

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