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Malawi Emergency Numbers

Post was last updated: January 28, 2024

Mw Important NumbersHello everyone, on this page you will find the latest Malawi emergency numbers that you might need in case of well, an emergency. To be honest, such information is not publicly available as one would assume so that is why we have decided to create this page and organize the information for you bwino bwino. All the numbers listed below work 24/7 meaning no matter what time or day, you can feel free to call these numbers in case of an emergency, nationwide.

If we made a mistake or if you think we should add certain numbers or contact details on this list, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us via email.

Useful emergency numbers

  • Malawi Police: 997 – In case of an accident including car accident, robbery attempts, violence, gang related issues, call this number.
  • Malawi Ambulance: 998 – In case of an accident or life threatening illness, condition, you should call this number.
  • Malawi Fire department: 999 – In case of a fire, you should call this number for assistance.

Major public hospitals emergency numbers

  • Mzuzu Central Hospital: 01 320 099
  • Lilongwe Central Hospital: 01 751 109
  • Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital: 01 874 333
  • Zomba Central Hospital: 01 526 266

Check out our list of Malawi police contact numbers.

NOTE: If you need assistance with mental health, whether for yourself or someone you know visit our mental health services page where you will have a list of numbers to contact.

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