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Escom Mobile

Get Escom Mobile for Android and iPhone/iPad and experience a new way to interact with Escom Malawi. Report faults and view your bills.

Latest Escom Malawi Tariffs

Escom Malawi Tariffs

Find out the cost of Electricity in Malawi including new prices that have been approved officially by Escom Malawi. Page is updated regularly in case of any changes.

How to retrieve Escom Tokens

How to retrieve lost Escom Malawi Token

How to retrieve your lost Escom token. You can instantly retrieve your token if you bought it in a Shop, through a bank or if you used your Mobile phone.

Where to buy Prepaid units in Malawi

Prepaid Units from Escom Malawi

A detailed guide on how to buy Escom electricity units from filling stations, shops, banks, mobile agents and how to quickly to buy prepaid units using your phone.

How to pay for Escom Bill

Escom Bill Payment

Find out how to check your Escom Malawi Postpaid balance online and also have to quickly pay for your bill by using official methods.